Venice is a charming city you must visit once in a lifetime. Canals, gondolas, restaurants and the most romantic atmosphere ever where you can breathe art and history walking around the city. You can also visit the famous islands nearby: Burano and its laces; Murano and its glass…Torcello with its history and secret
itineraries. Milano Driver NCC offers a car rental service with skilled drivers who will respect your privacy and who will
guarantee comforts and relax during your travel.
Our cars are all equipped with free Wi-Fi connection. Our drivers will lead you to this beautiful city right on schedule.
Milano Driver NCC is the perfect choice for a safe and pleasant journey. Book your private Venice Transfer with Milano Driver NCC from Milano Malpensa or Linate Airports to Venice or vice versa. Save your time and your money and enjoy a professional service. You can choose
among a wide selection of cars or minivans according to your needs (and number of people/luggage).

Rates from Milano Linate or Milan City Centre:
By car (1-2 people): Euro 550,00
Minivan (3-7 people): Euro 650,00

Rates from Milano Malpensa:
By car (1-2 people): Euro 600,00
Minivan (3-7 people): Euro 700,00

The cost of the transfer includes: 1 big suitcase and 1 bag for each passenger. Please note that if you need
to bring with you more luggage, the transfer by car will not have place due to lack of space.
In this case, please choose a minivan transfer or consider booking more than 1 car.

Travel time from Milano Linate Airport: about 3h
Travel time from Milano Malpensa Airport: about 4h

For transfers from 11.00 pm to 6.00 am, the cost will raise of 10%.

For transfers from Venice to Malpensa Airport, the departure is 6 hours before your flight. In this way, you
will be sure to arrive to the airport 2 hours before your flight departure.
For example: your flight is at 2.00 pm  You will leave Venice at 8.00 am.
All costs are VAT included and they are valid for one-ride only and they depend on the vehicle you choose –
this service is subject to availability.


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